Monday, April 16, 2007

Aruba, Jamaica, Ooh I wanna Make Ya...

So, I'm traveling in Indiana again this week (hence, no recap - although there's a brief one at the end - and the late Monday post), albeit for a much happier reason - I'm teaching a class. Of course, this class isn't somewhere cool like San Diego or even Boston, no, I'm in Kokomo, IN (on a side note, my favorite part of that Kokomo wikipeida link is the Notable People link which includes no one of note except for, and I quote, "All members of the Central Middle School First Lego Leage Team." I'm not sure what a Leage Team is, but while I'm here I hope to find out). Anyway, like I said, I'm in Kokomo, IN, population 26,113, although they do have Wii's in the local Best Buy - you have no idea how tempted I was...That's right, ladies and skeet throwers, way down in Kokomo, that's where I wanna goo-oooooo (one of those videos is there because I love the Muppets and one of those videos is there because of the comments: "I´ve heard goodloking girls hang with ugly and the other way, just to feel pretty. But this was extreme" and "Man,no wonder they put the decent blonde and the hot burnette in the front" decide).

So, I'm in a Hampton Inn, which is really, really nice, by the way (except for the crazy dog next door that keeps yapping and yipping), but the craziest thing happened to me. Last night, I was driving up to my hotel and someone jumped out at me from the shoulder. Honestly, I was driving at like 70 mph and I had to I swerve out of the way, although I still nearly tagged the biatch. No biggie (that link is why I could never win a hip-hop freestyle battle in the streets), though right - just an idiot.

Later, after checking into my hotel, I went out to my car to get my bag and some random person jumped out at me. Turns out it was the same chica I almost tagged on the road (she had no clue it was me, though). The box told me she was stranded, so I let her use my cell to call her friends (don't worry, I actually dialed the number). When her friends wouldn't come pick her up, she wanted money "for a cab ride" or "for gas money for her friends." In exchange, she offered to come to my room and "give me a dance and maybe a little touch." Needless to say, the Skeet Thrower isn't taking dances from no random bitches, so I turned her down and (presumably) pissed her off...turned out to be a good story though.

That last paragraph is 100% true. Not kidding.

Anyway, too cool myself down, I came inside and watched this video immediately.

The last sentence is 100% not true. At least the whole needing to cool down thing - that heezy was real shady (and to tell you the truth I was kinda worried about getting jumped). Anyway, if you ever needed proof that gay-rod is gay, that is it (not that there's anything wrong with that says the man that keeps an updated BCS Man Crush listed on the side).

Here's the recap I promised:

On Monday, I talked about TMNT and Ninjas. Wheezy went and saw TMNT last weekend and gave a detailed run-down of it (as well as a genious comic) on his blog.

On Wednesday, I still had a 3/4 chub from Bauer's kill from Monday and couldn't really think about anything else. Speaking of 24, did you know the 24's Vice-President Noah Daniels' real-name is Powers Boothe. Shorty, we're naming our first kid Powers. It is decided, no more controversy.

Stuart Scott's eye attacked us on a Casual Dress Friday. On a side note, another blog came up with a great blog idea for Fridays, Sideboob Friday. The first edition featured Hillary Duff (real-borderline SFW). I may steal that if they don't use it...

In other news, I saw a lot of funny things after the Stone Buddah, Tim Duncan, got ejeceted (for to the end of that clip for the BS offensive foul call on the pick, too) on Sunday, but this may have been the funniest.

Also, I refuse to answer to Laura on her blog again. Responding blog-to-blog seems ridiculous. That said, I never use The either. Also, we'll introduce you to the Circle of Excellence this summer. Just get ready.

Finally - Worst. Tap-Out (that's NSFW...but if you're at work right now, you're wondering whether you should risk it...prolly not - actually, defintitely not, just let me say it's what I could have gotten if I went for that dance and that's really they only reason it is linked...). Scene. Ever. It's too bad because I really liked Palmer up to that point (except for a few bitchy things). That said, what would a season of 24 be without a rogue Bauer...


D Wheezy said...

After watching that Scrubs clip, which I've seen before, I just made my BCS Top 5 TV Show List.

1. Arrested Development

I don't think I should need to explain this. And if anybody does think I need to explain this, then they should probably just die. Or better yet, borrow AD DVDs from me.

2. Arrested Development


3. Scrubs

The fact of the matter is that Scrubs is a Grey's Anatomy that is completely aware of how ridiculous a hospital soap opera is. It's cheesy and it knows it. Every episode I watch makes me happy. Just like Mueller.

The rest fluctuate greatly depending on what's currently on or what DVD's I've rented lately. At the moment, I'd say that

4. The Office

The Office will occasionally jump to #2, but it doesn't quite fill me with the same feeling of joy (TWSS) that Scrubs does on as consistent of a basis.

Yeah that's right. I just used a clip I was introduced to from your own blog in your blog comments.

Considered the Skeet Thrower snowballed.


I know it doesn't make any sense a majority of the time. But for every mystery that is solved another 8 are uncovered, and while that frustrates some it entices me. And at the end, when it appears as though there's been resolution but I KNOW there's a twist coming... I'm at my happiest.

LauraJean said...

Okay, if Weiland can put pretty much a whole post in your comments, then I should be able to communicate with you through my blog. I do realize there is no correlation, but still.

Anyway, since you won't respond, I will no longer talk to you through my blog.

Double M said...

Wheezy - I never get tired of watching those AD clips. They make me giggle every time. Also, I didn't realize until I watched that clip that Gob's name was Gob and not Job. Learn something every day.

As for Scrubs, I enjoy Scrubs but the only reason it couldn't be in my top five is because it has too many downer moments. You can be enjoying Scrubs and then all of a sudden they drop a clip like this on you. Maybe that's the sign that Scrubs is a good tv show. That said, there's a reason I won't watch the movie Radio again, and its not because it sucked.

Also, glad you went to Urban Dictionary for Snowball. It could be a precarious Google search.

Double M said...


I decided to give you your own post despite the fact that it requires me to post in comment own comments section 2 times in a row.

Is that a threat or passive-aggresiveness? Clearly I was being sarcastic as I included you in the post.

Also, what is Kristi's last name....

That is all.

johnny said...

wheezy, your top 5 show list disappoints. Dual listing of Arrested Development? I enjoyed the first two seasons a bunch, but season 3 was just meh. That alone prevents it from having two of the top 5 spots. LOST over Bauer, another sketchy choice. i guess i'll be happy that you don't have Drive on the list, can't wait until that one gets canceled.

LauraJean said...

I appreciate my own comment response. And there was no threat or passive-aggressiveness. Just resigning to the ineffectiveness and your wishes.

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