Monday, April 23, 2007

It's Testosterone Week

I was looking back over my posts from the last few weeks and I realized that I have talked a lot about dudes and man-crushes. Of course, when your #1 man-crush is Jack Bauer, I think that the talk is justified.

Anyway, I'm bringing back some testosterone this week, starting today and culminating in Friday's BCS Top 5 Chica's post.

So, you may have read yesterday in the comments that I went to the Spurs game. They lost and that sucked, but at least it was a good game. One of the highlights of attending the game was catching Tony Parker's lady-friend in person. That's right, Miss Eva Longoria (kinda NSFW, but it was on ABC) was there (if you don't know already, she's pretty damn hot (again, kinda NSFW, Maxim-ish shots here)).

As I said, she's dating Tony Parker (you may be expecting another crappy Tony Parker rap video, but instead that is a boring dateline interview) and makes it to quite a few games. ABC, TNT, Fox Sports, etc. are all gracious enough to show her several times in HD on TV, so I was curious to see her in person because wondered how she would look for reals. Turns out she is pretty good looking in person. Even Shorty commented on how good she looked (and you know another lady is attractive when your wife/girlfried/sister is willing to compliment them). So that was good.

Ironically, my only problem with Jack Bauer has been because of Eva. In the movie The Sentinal, which features both Bauer and Eva, there is a scene where Bauer meets Eva and he tells her to dress more professionally (which meant not showing off her body). That was a bush league move. Real bush, Jack. If you were a man I wasn't scared of you, I'd slap you.

Anyway, the whole reason I wanted to post today was to show you two videos. First, a milk ad directed at men. This may be one of the funnier milk ads of all-time (although the funniest is still the bukkake milk one).

That's a real milk ad. I'm impressed they could say that without someone getting upset. That said, they probably watched this video first.

That's right, know your limits role.

Welcome to testosterone week, men.


D Wheezy said...

I Google Video-ed Testosterone and got this back.

I didn't realize Kathy Griffin was such a good fighter. Must be the broken arm

LauraJean said...

I think your "damn hot" video is missing some pretty key pictures.

Double M said...

Wow. Good work coming through on those pics, Laura. Sorry, Wheezy, but that picture of Eva trumps your picture of Kathy.

That fight scene is ridiculous. That bad guy could have really used some rec specs