Sunday, April 22, 2007

Week In Recap: Shannon Elizabeth

I'm back in Austin (as of Friday night) and I started catching up on all of the TV I missed (I watched Lost and 24 so it wasn't too much). Anyway, I watcthed the show I recommended to you all last week, Thank God You're Here. It featured, among other people, Shannon Elizabeth (Nadia, from American Pie (NSFW)).

I'm sure you are all very surprized, much like myself, that Shannon Elizabeth was still alive. I didn't know she did anything after Tomcats (a very respectible movie by the way). Anyway, the clip above is the final scene where they put all of the actors in one sketch. Shannon just ended up making out with everyone, which was funny. But the real highlight was Shannon's individual scene.

I'm not sure that's allowed on NBC. Good times. Welcome back to life Shannon Elizabeth. I'll watch American Pie tonight, just for you.

On to the recap:

On Monday, I wrote a long post just to tell you I was in Kokomo

Thursday, I talked about Pam being kinda hot.

The Association reigned supreme on Friday.

Have a good week.


D Wheezy said...

I think you misplaced your link to Tomcats, which is indeed an enjoyable flick.

Thank you Jerry O'Connell.

Double M said...

Ha, ya, I was posting this really quickly before I left for the Spurs playoff game this afternoon and sped through the research.

That's a good link by the way (albeit NSFW, so exercise caution!) - that damn movie always makes me laugh.

A little Skeet Thrower trivia...that is the first moive that Shorty and I ever saw together...

D Wheezy said...

I guess having not been at something that would be called "work" in quite some time, my NSFW radar is slipping a bit.

Nice job on Tomcats for the opening movie. Obviously it worked.