Saturday, November 03, 2007

76 - 39

Last year, some of my friends made a group called the Harrison Beck Fan Club after Harrison transferred out of Nebraska. We created it to make fun of Zac Taylor who we teased about Nebraska's 40-15 loss at Kansas his first year in the program. I wouldn't recommend reading through the comments (although the times where outsiders didn't know it was a joke are really, really funny), but, mainly, people just didn't get how we could think Zac wasn't right for Nebraska (although, ironically, he's a member of the group) - they had all seen our program without Zac the year before when we got beat 70-10 because our Quarterbacks sucked. Fast-forward two years, we're without Zac and now we get pummeled 39-76 at Kansas. Most points we've ever given up. Joey Ganz had a nice day (400+ yards, 4 TD's = 32+ points in my fantasy leagues I forgot he also ran for a TD, so that's 5 TD's for 40+ points, but the 4 INTs = -8 as well...), but there's not much could do to stop Kansas's offense. Harrison Beck probably could have...

What's my point - I have no clue. I guess there's two things: 1) At least we're not Notre Dame (although, truly, what's the difference at this point?) and 2) At least my friend Nomar has got some good ammo to heckle fellow Nebraska fans with. You would be surprised how upset people get when you remind them of 70-10 or 40-15 or 5-6.

Anyway, to [Insert reason can choose from: to distract you or make you laugh, or stop being bored because you don't really care about Nebraska football or football in general, or just to include a video in this post] here's the new Spice Girls music video. Say what you want about them (I was never really a fan - let's be honest I could write a whole post about them), but don't act like you didn't know the words to the chorus of Wannabe.

*Gratutious picture of Erin Andrews eating a sandwich to remind you that everyone needs to eat...except Mangino who really, really needs to mix in a salad.

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