Friday, November 23, 2007

Day After Thanksgiving...

...Means its time for Nebraska versus Colorado. I was two years ago today (well, not today exactly, but two years ago on the day after Thanksgiving), that a few of my friends and I jumped in the car at like 5am and drove to Colorado, expecting us to get our asses handed to us. Instead, we saw what was one of the most fun Nebraska football games I have ever attended.

My favorite moment was going back and watching the DVR'd version of the game to see this interview.

It's a total insult to go no huddle. Why would anyone try to score right before the half? I have no clue. That's just insulting.

Let's hope it turns out like this again.


TK said...

Skeet, I love you, but I gotta let you know that nothing makes me happier than seeing a Huskers loss. Especially by my Buffs.

Also, don't forget the losing record for the Huskers this year.

Ross said...

I don't really care about that game, I just wanted to comment on your blog from your couch with your laptop while sitting right next to you.