Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How Does The News Get So Messed Up?

I'm not talking about the news itself - I'm talking about the newscasters. I've shown you some clips before, but it blows my mind - things like this picture on the left or the video below can happen. These people are supposed to be professionals but stuff like this happens all the time. I see it at least once a week on TV - it even happened yesterday on Good Morning America (my wife watches it). Anyway, I'm not saying I don't like it, I'm just blown away that it can happen. Lord knows I've watched this video like 100 times...

How does that happen? How! That blows my mind. Let's be honest though - anytime there's the mention of "gay" in the news, its an excuse to post this video.

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D Wheezy said...

That first picture made me laugh.