Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Love Misheard Lyrics Videos

I don't know if I ever posted this, but do you remember that Fall Out Boy video with the misheard lyrics? Well, in case you don't here it is:

I love that video enough that this year I named one of my fantasy football teams "Also Into Cats." Anyway, people have been trying to duplicate that video for quite a while (often with poor to very poor results), but I finally found another one that made me laugh pretty hard. Here is Sean Paul's Temperature.


B Vasquez said...

This all started with Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam back in like 99 or something, here's that link

Then there were the other two Fall Out Boy ones.

Good post though, the Sean Paul one is great.

B Vasquez said...

btw those may be NSFW slightly (pictures of penises and such)

Double M said...

I had never seen that Pearl Jam video. It's too bad the handwriting is so bad because it could be really funny if I could read half of it.