Friday, November 16, 2007

Casual Dress Friday: Real Life Dwight vs. Michael

Its a Casual Dress Friday and it has been a very busy week for me. Not only have do I have a bunch of new video games in my possesion: The Simpsons, Contra 4, some Lego game where you can actually be Admiral Ackbar, Ultimate Mortal Kombat and Guitar Hero 3 - speaking of which, if you haven't seen this clip of Cowbell Hero its a must watch.

Sorry, I got distracted, where was I - oh yes, busy - at work we're also within 5 days of a code freeze and I've also been working out every day. Working out is pretty low key. I go, run a few miles, lift a little bit and peace out. I try not to pay attention to anyone else, but the other day I couldn't help it (Long Story Warning: If you have ADD or you just don't want to read this...just skip ahead to the ***).

There were two guys lifting together (I have no clue who they are or what their names are), one in his upper 30's, for the sake of this story, we'll call him Marvin, and one in his upper 20's, we'll call him Derek. Marvin was clearly Derek's mentor and seemed to be more experienced at lifting, so, Marvin was showing his workout routine to Derek. While he was explaining everything, Marvin would tell Derek the number of reps on each machine that he would do (he never did more than one set). Of course, the entire time, Marvin was saying how hard it was and how exhausted Derek would get.

Tired of talking, Marvin goes into an extensive stretching machine to warm up his muscles for the lifting. At this point, I have slowed down my lifting just so I can watch this. Do you ever get the feeling that a train wreck is about to happen so you just pretty much stop whatever you're doing to watch it and you keep trying not to look but you can't help it because you know its coming? This was one of those times.

Finally, after what seemed like 20 minutes, Marvin jumped on a leg machine...unfortunately I was in the middle of a set. I couldn't see what weight he started at, but I could hear him him grunting and struggling to get it up (that's what she said). I quickly pounded out the rest of my reps and took a look at what Marvin was lifting. It was 40 pounds. 40. Just to give you a point of reference, Shorty does around 125 L-Bs on that machine.

Now let's not get it twisted - I don't laugh at what people lift - I can't bench much more than my own weight, but this was bad. The funny part; however, occurred after Marvin traded positions with Derek. Derek wants to increase the weight, but Marvin tells him that it gets really hard around 5 or 6 so he shouldn't. So, Derek jumps on and pounds out 12 reps in like 20 seconds. Right when Derek finishes, Marvin says "Wasn't that f---ing hard?" and Derek says "No. I didn't even feel like it worked me out." Awesome. You could tell that Marvin was pissed but determined to show that his workout would wear Derek out.

Marvin and Derek move through about 3 more machines until Derek looks at Marvin and says (this is an exact quote) "You are weak. I apparently have the strength of you plus me." This, not surprisingly, pissed of Marvin, so on the next machine (which happened to be right next to mine), he tries to throw up 200 pounds. Of course, he immediately hurt himself and Derek had to help him out of the weight room.

I don't know why this was so funny, and describing it probably doesn't do it justice, but it just seemed like a real life version of Michael and Dwight from The Office. The previous story is 100% true.

***If you want to skip the long story, just start reading here.***The best part of it all? The old guy (Marvin) was wearing Reebok Pumps.

Have a good weekend.

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