Friday, November 02, 2007

Casual Dress Friday: Balky's Got Magic

Well, its a Casual Dress Friday here at the Skeet Thrower and after last week, I decided that I would not be making the (however long the drive is) trip to Lawrence, KS this weekend. Mainly because I didn't want to see this guy light us up. Then I found out that he's not even their starting quarterback. And I still decided not to go. Turns out I don't want to go watch a team I don't respect beat us. Why can't I respect an 8-0 team? Because this is an actual picture they ran on their website after they started 4-0.

Seriously, my computer is honestly humming extra loud since I loaded the picture of that fatty. Anyway, the plust side to not going to Lawrence is that I get to have a relaxing weekend: catch up on TV, watch some football and watch some videos on the Internets. Honestly, I've just been starring stuff in my reader...I'll finally have a chance to catch up on some stuff.

Now, enough boring chat - here's a video:

That video is random, yet awesome. How come The Fridge gets his own GI Joe? I have no clue. You may think this video is out-of-nowhere, but its topical considering the item I shared in my shared feed. What's a shared feed? Basically, its stuff that I find pretty funny but that I don't write about here. You can basically let me filter out even more of the Internet for you. You can either check over on the left sidebar every time you come to the site or you can just use this link to get the feed directly to a reader of your own.

But I digress...the whole point of today's post was supposed to be about the old-school TGIF lineup with shows like Family Matters and Step-By-Step. At the peak, I remember a show called Perfect Strangers was a closer (did you know that Family Matters was a spin-off from Perfect Strangers - Harriett Winslow was the elevator woman in the Perfect Strangers' guys' building). So, what better way to close today's post than a ridiculous video from a Perfect Strangers Halloween episode.

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LauraJean said...

That guy from Perfect Strangers was also on Step-by-Step.