Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve: Get Your Boogie On

I haven't said much about it, but I'm rocking it here in the ATX, visiting my parents (unfortunately, this meant I missed some quality Wheezy time in Omaha). The last time we visited we didn't really see them, so this time Shorty and I have spent more time with them and taken it kinda easy.

But tonight is New Year's Eve, only one of the best party nights in over the 365 day year and Shorty and I are going to a party at one of our friends' places. The awesome part was my mom asking me if we were going to go to a party (I said yes) and she was like "OK, good. Your dad and I have been invited to a couple parties and wanted to make sure that you two weren't going to be bored at home." Thanks, mom.

Anyway in preparation for New Years Eve, here are some dance moves you can bust out tonight - it the Superbad sance intro performed masterfully by a couple of chicks.

This video is an exact reason why I love the Internets. Previously, this talent would have been wasted on a few friends, maybe a home video or a a talent show. Instead, now, it is getting burn on YouTube and FunnyOrDie as well as the all-important Skeet Thrower. They even have the video split-screened so you can see how well they performed it. Bonus: both of those videos are right at 1:05, so you can even watch them at work without feeling remotely guilty.

Also, while I'm on the subject of getting your groove on, here's a video of Will Ferrell giving us a little more cowbell with Queens of the Stone Age on SNL. This actually happened and I'm not sure how I've missed it (although I feel like I've seen this before). If you ever wanted to know what Will Ferrell would have looked like if he played the cowbell for more that 30 seconds, this is your chance.

I'm not sure how anyone on that stage held it together. Jimmy Falon couldn't in the damn skit...

Have a safe New Year's, everybody (and don't do be a derka by drinking and driving, honestly). I'll be traveling tomorrow so hopefully I'll be back by Wednesday or Thursday.

See you in 2K8.

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