Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Steve Urkel Throwback Hip Hop

You may or may not remember, but back in the early 90's HIV was a big concern. Since I was not really old enough to understand it, it didn't really affect me until Magic Johnson picked it up. All of a sudden a lot of my favorite NBA players were preaching about abstinence and safe sex (ironically, what I know now is that most of them weren't practicing either of those concepts). Anyway, one of the promo things Magic put together was called Time Out: The Truth About HIV, AIDS, and You. This thing featured all kinds of early 90's stars such as Paula Abdul, Kirstie Alley, Luke Perry (best intro video ever), and Sinbad (I saw that movie...and I wish I would have picked Sinbad in last week's draft). But the only thing I really remember from this video is Jaleel "Steve Urkell/Sonic the Hedgehog" White's rap video about not having sex.

This came out in 1992, one year before Snoop's best cd, Doggystyle. He's still churning out records...what's happened to Jaleel? He could be a dance icon with his moves...

I suppose I could also call him Jaleel "Sonic the Hedgehog" White.

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