Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Klein Four Are (2^3 -1) Years 2 Late

I've said it before - I read a lot of things on the Internet. Generally, when something rolls through my reader 3 or more times, I make sure to check it out. So, yesterday, this video rolled through a bunch. It's from a group called The Klein Four (although there are five of them based off some crazy math...I stopped before that stuff in college).

Let's take a look at a couple things in that video: 1) Either those guys are not wearing backs to their pants or it is really easy to make the girl on the steps laugh. Honestly, she cracks up multiple times. 2) Why does the guy "beatboxing" feel the need to match every sound with and air cymbal?

Well done to those guys, though. They came up with an excessively long a cappella song about math. But doesn't it seem a little bit familiar? An all boy band using math lyrics...I think I've seen this before.

You may have forgotten (or never seen, I guess) 2gether, another fake boy band that used excessive (although more understandable) math lyrics in their songs around 7 years ago. Way to rip them off guys. If this wasn't a fake band...well, I'm not sure that anyone would really care. You guys admit you're just a joke anyway. In any case, if you looked closely at that 2gether (or 2ge+her) video, you might have noticed a Farley brother in there (sadly, not Chris). It's the lesser known Kevin Farley who you may or may not remember from such things as this Hertz commercial, or if you have the HBO, this clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Ah, Kevin...you make me miss your brother so.

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D Wheezy said...

Me and four other guys did that 2ge+her song for a talent show at my high school senior year. It's on video ... somewhere.

If I ever find that and the movie with sword fighting, I think the internet will be complete.