Friday, February 29, 2008

I Can Do Some Damage To Some Fried Chicken...

I was gonna write about Will Ferrell's new movie Semi-Pro, but I decided that it has been marketed to high-hell and whether you think you'll like/see the movie or not, you're probably tired of hearing about it.

So, today I'll take a different twist on Semi-Pro. Semi-Pro focuses on an earlier age of basketball. Some would call this a Golden Age - I'm not so sure. Don't get it twisted, I love old-school bball (and to be honest, I try to play like I'm an old school PF), but I'm a firm believer that Jordan changed everything for the better. Combine that with the fact that there hasn't been a more competitive, high-quality level of basketball in the NBA (at least in the west and the top of the east) for as long as I can remember (Seriously. Just look at the standings).

But I digress. The best part of old school hoops were the commercials (with a close 2nd being the crazy hair and the short shorts coming in dead last). There were some awesome ones (even if some of them perpetuated a negative stereotypes).

Don't know what I'm talking about? Just watch these today's videos. I have a couple fried chicken commercials from the late 80's/early 90's and a PSA from 1992. I won't say much about them other than I enjoyed them.

The first commercial is a Hardee's - remember, there were Hardee's in the 80's - commercial featuring Karl Malone (who knew Hardee's made fried chicken?). There's a boring commercial on the 2nd half, so don't worry about that one.

I really wish he would have said "Did you know how big their breasts are?" instead of "Did you know how big their pieces are?". That would have been classic (he does call out KFC's little breasts though). Just to let you know, I am going to start using the phrase "Do Some Damage To" a lot more now. Just be ready.

The second commercial features Magic Johnson. I shouldn't have to tell you that, but I will just in case.

Of course, you know bad filming wasn't relegated only to commercials. The 90's had a couple good PSAs featuring NBA players as well. Here's one featuring Chris Mullin, Tyrone Hill and MC Hammer.

Have a good weekend.

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D Wheezy said...

How can I not have a good weekend after that Magic commercial. Classic.