Saturday, February 24, 2007

Germans Are Weird

Casual dress Friday here at the Skeet Thrower (although, ironically, I'm more dressed up all day than I have been all week).

I've always known Germans are a little weird. First, their langauge is like they are yelling the whole time. Then there is the whole World War(s) instigator thing. Essentially, those are things that the average German can't control, so while I may think it is a little off, I won't hold it against them.

What I can hold against them? They made this guy think he was a big shot.

Yes, that is David Hasselhoff, and, yes, he did KnightRider and the glorious show that was BayWatch before becoming a German idol, but, honestly, they really let him get away with this crap:

What is that? That is high comedy my friends. Or torture. You decide.

Who thinks this is good music? It is atrocious. This, my friends, is a great example of why Germans are weird.

Want further proof, check out Sharon Stone. Yes, lo esta chica del Basic Instinct (my Spanish is a little rusty). This clip, however, is not from that movie.

That's nuts-o. Only Germans would get excited by that kind of stuff at an auction.

At least they're not as crazy as Britney...

...or Judge Judy (at least she's taking out a ebay scammer here)

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