Friday, February 02, 2007

Name This Country: ASIA!

Here at the skeet thrower, you know that I make fun of everyone as much as I can. This means that I don't hold back, regardless of race, gender, etc. I am an equal opportunity skeet thrower.

Why the clarification? Because I saw the best Asian stereotype promoted on TV and I wanted to talk about it.

I was watching "The Soup" when I saw a clip of Rinko Kikuchi interviewing on the red carpet.

I have seriously spent several hours scouring the internet, trying to find this clip and have been unable to do so. Fortunately, I found the show on BitTorrent and I donwloaded it (took like 6 freaking days). Unfortunately, cutting an m4v file on my CPU is next to impossible (even with the wonders of JumpCut). Someone on the finally came through with clips (+1 YouTube).

Yeaaaaaaaaah, someone should prolly talk to her about that one. Honestly, you "Love him long time"? And your in movies? Have you paid attention to Asian stereotypes at all? You should be glad you're not Sandra Oh (damnit I hate that chick - number 2 on the BCS most hated list) or this thing would be all over the Internets - just like Isaiah Washington calling that gay hombre on your show a bundle of twigs.

All I can say about that, is that I will love that clip long time.

Anyway, I'm also bringing you an Ice Jumping clip. What does this have to do with Asians? Nothing really, but someone told me that the announcers are speaking Japanese. I, of course, took no time to verify this. Anyway, crashes are always funny. You really need to have the sound on to get the full enjoyment out of this one. Just watch until the they show the wreck replay.

Now, I'm not huge on the winter olympics (I do love curling), but ice jumping wrecks need to play a bigger role in the Olympics. Furthermore, we need to have more announcing like the color guy (I assume) available. The way that guy says "Ay" makes me laugh everytime I listen to that clip. Pair him with Rinko and you've got a full out porn film. I'd watch. The Olympics, I mean, not the porn.

"Me Love Him Long Time! Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay!"

Also, if you didn't know, the title is a reference to a Celebrity Jeopardy skit. Sticking with the Asian theme, here's a good Celebrity Jeopardy clip.

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D Wheezy said...

I concur. If the winter Olympics are gonna go and take up valuable tv time - there better be some more crashes.

On another note ... you mention your BCS lists quite a bit lately. Any chance of getting those on the ol' Blog? Or are they kinda like the real BCS. Ever changing and prone to playoff talk.