Monday, February 26, 2007

Illegitamite Family Members Are The Bestest!

I don't remember when exactly we would do this, but occasionally growing up, my brother Natron and I would tell people that he is my illegitimate brother. It seemed pretty funny at the time...but I keep trying to think of a scenario when this would have actually been funny.

Anyway, he's not really illegitimate (in fact, he looks more like my dad than I do) and he's been a really great brother (although according to the, I met him randomly). Why all of the mushy brother talk? Because today is his birfday. So happy #22, Natron - hope you don't get as drunk this year. To be fair, some of those weren't from your 21st. I'm not even sure you were drunk in any all of those.

Speaking of brothers, you may or may not have seen these videos of Chad Vader, Darth Vader's brother, on the There are 6 episodes out there and the 7th is apparently on the way. I really enjoy episodes 5 and 6 but you have to watch the first 4 to truly enjoy those. I've posted Episode I here, but I've given you links to the rest.

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

I checked all of those videos and they appear to be there, but I don't trust like I used to... You can search for them and find them though.

Anyway, enjoy Natron's birthday with about 30 minutes of video to waste your Monday. Have a good one, Natron, sorry I can't be there again this year.

Don't forget about Bauer tonight...

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