Friday, February 23, 2007

I Love Vegas...

I love Las Vegas. It is like Disney World for adults. Honestly, what is cooler than a 24-hour bar scene. You can get a dirt cheap beer or rita, throw 20 on black and then throw that 20 at a stripper all within 20 minutes.

I'm gonna be straight with you though - when I'm in Vegas, I avoid the strip clubs (really that's a life goal of mine). Why waste my money on some dirty box when I can blow it getting all juiced up on free Red Bull & Vodkas while playing black jack?

You know who doesn't avoid the strip clubs? Athletes. Not all of them go, but a lot of them do. There have been some pretty good strip club stories come out about athletes like Dikembe Mutombo's famous "Who Wants To Sex Mutombo?" speech at the Hot-lanta Gold Club and the Stephen Jackson "When I'm on the court I go fisticuffs, when I'm off the court I go glock" battle at the strip club earlier this year.

But one story may be topping these this year. I heard this earlier this week, but I wanted to wait for all the details to come out before I jump to a conclusion (cuz I never do that) - Pacman Jones got in a battle at a strip club.

Reports are fuzzy but apparently it all started when Pacman "made it rain" on the stage. Now my first thought was that the Pacman actually did a little skeet throwing up on the stage - and I wouldn't put it past him after his prior transgressions - but I called some strippers and found out that "make it rain" is a term used in strip clubs. It is when someone throws a stack of straight cash homey up in the air at the strippers. Also, just in case you were confused, this is in no way related to Hilary Duff's song Come Clean (Let The Rain Fall).

If you're still confused, I'll let these kids from Kidz Bop explain it to you. What's Kidz Bop? More on that in a second.

Anyway, somehow Nelly gets involved (who knew he was still alive) leading to Pacman's and Nelly's crews battling it out. I'm not sure when this happened, but at some point during the raining, Pacman ended up smashing a strippers head into the ground causing the bouncers to get pissed. Another scuffle ensued and at some point during that scuffle Pacman bit some bouncer's ankle (what!?!), threatened him and told his posse to "smoke his ass" which is not a Jon Ammechi reference. Now the bouncer is paralyzed. Bad times.

Of course, Pacman denies his involvement in all of this. He also fired his agent for the bad publicity (I'm sure his agent is disappointed).

Nelly should be careful, lest he ruin his image and prevent one of his songs from being on a Kidz Bop album again. What's Kidz Bop? Apparently they just have kids sing pop songs like "Crazy" or "Sk8r Boi". There's some gems, but the best may be on Kidz Bop 6 they sang Toxic. Toxic! Holy nuts. Might as well just send them to the strip club with Pacman.

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