Friday, February 09, 2007

Casual Dress Friday: Standing Strong

It's another casual dress Friday here at the Skeet Thrower, and I have a lot to catch you up on.

First, I'm down to 162, that's like 8 L-Bs down. The pace has slowed, but that's prolly a good thing. Why am I bringing this up (didn't I already clarify that this was kinda gay)? Because I wanted to talk about my last resolution again, you know, the Tara Reid one. Apparently, Tara Reid fell down and made an idiot of herself.

I'm glad I do not think she is hot anymore

Ok, so everyone trips, big deal. The funny part is she gets up and yells at her friends for tripping her. Unfortunately for her, people in the area reported "They were at least 5 feet away from her but she yelled 'You guys [explitive censored, but the action in this picture (sfw) should help you fill in] tripped me.' Everyone was speechless." What an idiot. Good work.

So, yeah, that's not that bad - but ever since I fully announced my Tara Reid resolution, I've been receiving emails with pictures like this one (PG-13ish) from some of my douchebag friends. I just wanted to let you A-holes know that I'm standing strong.

Speaking of chicks that I used to think were hot, I bring you this clip of Tyra Banks. I'm gonna throw this out there - I hate Tyra. She sucks. No wonder Chris Webber got the hell outta dodge. I won't go into all of the reasons I hate her (mainly because that is a several page paper, but let me tell you, she's making a run at my BCS most hated list - and yes, I'll fill you in on the list soon). One of the latest things she's done is getting pissed about being called fat. You probably haven't heard, but basically, she bought a bad one-piece suit, then got called out for it in the tabloids and then, instead of just letting it ride, she goes on a PR tirade about how she's "every woman" and a little fat is ok. I think she made this whole thing up as publicity for her show(s). I'm beginning to hate her more as I type this.

Anyway, this whole thing culminated in this rant which has made me laugh over and over and over again.

Hmmmm, that reminds me of another rant from a formerly hot black woman:

I have many rules here on the Skeet Thrower, and one of them is: Anytime I have an excuse to post that clip, I must post it.

I'll be gone all of next week - so I'm not sure when I'll post. Have a good weekend everybody.

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