Monday, February 19, 2007

The Association Invades Vegas, Baby!

So, I'm back from my one (1) week exodus to the frigid tundra that is Nebraska. Do you know that it doesn't get above single digits at places in this world? I think on a couple of days the wind chill didn't get above zero. Holy. Nuts. It is fortunate that I had all of my hair to keep me warm.

Before we move on, I want to send a special thank you out to my boy AP (also my brother-in-law) for letting me borrow a coat all week, since mine remains stolen.

Anyway, I finally got back into the warmth that is Austin last night and I started to catch back up on life. And by catch back up, I mean read emails, watch tv and peruse the Internets. The problem is that my favorite sport's all-star game was on last night, so my tv watching was going to be delayed.

The all-star game itself was ok, but on the previous night one of my favorites, Charles Barkley, raced a sxty-eight (68) year old man for charity. Two of my rules here are that anytime barkley does something funny I need to post it and anytime a fat man is going to race an old man I need to post it. And since this hits two rules, I couldn't resist.

Fortunately, Barkley and Bavetta decided to show their love for each other, unlike Tim Hardaway who just went of on gay people.

Speaking of love and hate, we just passed Valentine's Day last week. Normally, I hate that holiday, but this year my wife bought me a big screen tv and a stereo system. F-ing bad ass. It is now one of my favorite holidays. On the flip side, there is a video floating around the Internets where some dude hires an acapella group to sing in front of like 1000 people to break up with her. It's kinda funny (but really long) - the really funny stuff starts at about 4 minutes when they start talking. At some point the chick calls the dude gay. She should probably hook up with Tim Hardaway. Speaking of Hardaway (again), there is a whole bunch of videos of him butt-naked in the locker room doing stuff that appeared on the Internets this week. Since I'm not to big of a fan of posting cod pieces here on the Skeet Thrower, I'm going to jsut tell you they're on the They are there if you want to see them.

Ok, back to the Association - one of the highlights of last nights game wasn't even in the game at all. It was when Gilbert Arenas went slamball on us, jumped off of a trampoline and dunked a ball. It was pretty sweet, and I'm sure very scary if you are the one signing Arenas' guaranteed checks.

Arenas has displaced Will Smith as #2 on the BCS man-crush list. Just thought you should know. In fact, I've added his blog to my links - the man actually writes it and it can be pretty funny.

You know who else is funny, Shaq. He always makes me laugh. And so when i saw this video of Shaqdancing with LeBron and Dwight Howard, I was very excited to post it (now if only I could find a clip of Kazaam!).

I'm not really sure what they are doing. It is some sort of "dis" break-dancing, but I'm not sure where that differs from the "geeks" on the show Beauty and the Geek doing some sort of recreation of Street Fighter (I can't find the clip...). On a brief "Beauty and the Geek" side-note, that show is awesome (although it could really use a good host) but the way season 3 ends is pretty sweet.

In other news, pretty boy Tom Brady knocked up Bridget Moynahan. Tough breack for him since he just broke up with her. Speaking of Bridget Moynahan, here's a video of her making out with Heather Graham. Not sure if TB filmed this one or not, but impressive none the less. This one is less SFW than pretty much everything else today. It's PG - PG-13, but use your discretion.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the week off without my posts. Since I'm back, I'll be posting again. There's gonna be a few changes here this week so keep coming back.

24 tonight - don't forget to watch it...Trust Me.

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