Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Master of the Turtles and a Ninja Rap

My college roommates and I all fill specific roles with one another. We don't have the funny one or the serious one, because, basically, we all just make fun of each other a lot.

Generally, you are not assigned a role, but over the course of time if you become an expert at something you will be known as the "[Fill In The Topic]" expert. As the expert, you are expected to know everything about this topic and can be called upon at any time for information concerning this topic.

For instance, one of my friends in med. school, so we generally call him with all medical questions. I am considered "The Association" expert and "The Hip-Hop/Urban Culture" expert among other things. This means that at any time (generally a moderately drunken bar conversation) I could be called to answer a question about hip-hop lyrics or what were the names of all the white guys were on the 1998 Bulls championship team.

Anyway, a while back I received a call from my friends asking me what was the last name of the human dude that had the bat and hockey stick combo on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I quickly answered Casey Jones.

They then followed with a question asking me what were the lyrics of the song sung by Vanilla Ice one of the Turtles movie? Again, I quickly answered "Go ninja, Go ninja, Go!"

Pleased with my answers, our conversation ended. I was later informed that I was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles expert. I'm not sure how I received this glorious title, but I will accept it and enjoy it.

Wait, you didn't know Vanilla Ice did a song for the Turtles movie? Well you are in luck my friend. The has provided me with some video evidence. Enjoy.

Speaking of bad (or good depending on your tastes) 1990's rap, check out this video of the intro to "Hammerman." You can prolly guess who it features. Despite my love for Saturday morning TV shows, this is one cartoon I can tell you nothing about. Except that it sucked.


D Wheezy said...

I am honored to be a close friend of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles guy. In an effort to enhance your knowledge, here are the two theme songs from the more recent 2000's edition of TMNT.
TMNT Theme 2003

TMNT Fast Forward Theme

I don't even know what that Fast Forward theme is for. It's absolutely horrible. You may want to just claim honors as the "80's TMNT Guy". Just to be safe.

Double M said...

Sadly, that Fast Forward Turtles theme is the state of the Turtles is part of the Turtles legacy. I choose to ignore them.

Turtles is one of the few (non-Family Guyish) cartoons that I'll stop and watch, if only for a moment...