Monday, February 05, 2007

It's The 100th Post Extravaganza!

Well, this is post # 100 since my return. I'm not counting my old posts (I deleted all of them, anyway) so...

Welcome To The 100th Post Extravaganza!

While writing this post, I realized how much time I've wasted watching videos on the Internets (and, subsequently, writing about some of the good ones). So today I've decided to waste a lot of your time by posting a bunch of videos. I've also looked back over my old posts and provided links to some of my favorites so you can enjoy them again.

Anyway, thanks for continually reading my blog (even when I'm not funny), and, hopefully, you'll keep coming back for another 100 (or more) posts.

On to the extravaganza...

I thought I'd start off by taking you through my process for what videos I post. Take you into the mind of the Skeet Thrower, if you will. There are a few things that immediately peak my interest when watching videos on the Internets. A few of them are porn, midgets and fighting. So, when I saw this video about midgets on the Jerry Springer show, understandably I was excited.

Just like my boy Big Boi said: like two midgets in the backseat wrasslin' (that link may not be is not completely sfw). That midget fight is awesome. That said, I have to ask, why the hell do they take off their shirts? Is it so I can see your dominating figure? Does Jerry tell them beforehand, "Listen, IIIIIII'm gonna need you to take off your shirts. It will look more realistic." Also, how funny is it that the one dude has to use the wall to get up - he's like a tryanous rex. And now I'm making fun of handicapped things people can't control. I'm going to hell (but we already knew that, didn't we).

Speaking of things we can't controls, yesterday was the Super Bowl, and I thought it sucked. Not because the Bears lost (making me 0-4 with teams I was rooting for) but because it was just a bad game. Fortunately, it was not the apocalypse. Hope you enjoyed the Colts winning it all. Anyway, a lot of people enjoy watching Super Bowl commercials. I especially enjoyed the Robert Goulet Emerald Nuts commercial. That said, let me show you one of my favorite commercials that you did not see during the Super Bowl.

Was that Colonel Sanders' first job? What made him decide to sell chicken instead? Is this how the Colonel died? And who knew you could rent guns? Isn't that potentially the least safe thing we could have going on? Is there a waiting period or can you just walk in pissed of and rent an assault rifle? What the deuce?

Anyway, in other commercials you didn't see, I bring you a real, old school advertisement for cigs.

The Flinstones? No wonder everyone smoked. If only Barney would have asked for a loosey. What in the hell was wrong with us (and by us I mean cigarette execs)? Was that on during cartoons? They are easily way worse than me. I'm not sure if that is funny or just a "what in the hell" video.

Back to things I think are funny - I bring you a video entitled "Things You Can't Do When You're Not in the Pool."

I think it would have been pretty funny for that dude to have the mythical "purple ink" follow him around after he peed himself. That damn purple ink thing was always the cruelest of the pool jokes.

Its not all funny here at the Skeet Thrower. No, sometimes I give you cool videos as well. Like this fight video, Tony vs. Paul. It is kinda long, but still pretty cool. Impressive dedication from a couple of nobody's. Still not as cool as Wheezy's wooden sword fight video (no, that video is not on his website or on the Internets. It is lost, much like the Holy Grail, as I have not seen it in like 8 years. If he ever finds it, it will be gold...). Anyway, here's the video:

So, now that you've made it through my videos and you're all like, "Yeah, but Skeet Thrower, that wasn't as good as that one time you posted [something random]. I liked that better." Fortunately, I was prepared for assholes people that liked my old posts like you. So, I've compiled links to some of my favorite posts here. Rather than listing the titles, I'm going to confuse you with a very brief summary of the post.

If you're like, "Skeet Thrower, I've seen all of those already - don't you have something new?", the answer is, yes. Here are a few more to waste your time:

I love those last two videos, but they're all over the Internets, no need to post them again.

So, now I've officially wasted a lot of your time. If you get don't get anything done today, don't blame me. I hope you enjoyed the extravaganza and the 99 previous posts. Keep on reading because there's more good stuff to come (if nothing else, I've got some loose ends to tie up). As always, I love comments and emails (especially the barage of "you're not funny" ones, those don't hurt at all). Have a good one. Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet.

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