Friday, January 12, 2007

Tara Reid Countdown...

It's another casual dress Friday here at the skeet thrower. I still don't know what that means, but I like saying it.

Anyway, it's been about almost two weeks since New Year's Day and I've given you ample time to make, break and forget your New Year's Resolution. Want to know my 2007 New Year's Resolution? Shed 10-15 L-B's, taking me back to sports playing weight (down from my, lazy/fat-ass/I-enjoy-Rudy's-too-much weight).

Kind of boring, huh (and maybe a little gay)? I know you were expecting something ridiculous. Well, this gives me a chance to explain one of my life rules to you: Only make a promise to improve myself every-other year. So, basically on the odd years I try to improve myself. On the even years, I try to give myself something to improve upon in the odd years.

Anyway, why am I boring you with this? Well, my resolution from 2005 was this: Stop thinking Tara Reid is hot. You'd think it was easy, but everytime I watched Van Wilder, American Pie (the first one - the one where she's not a heezy biatch) or one of my friends sends me that clip from her movie "Body Shots" (the typical young actress, trying to make it, crazy sex scene - I can't show that here, being a family website and all), I have to remind myself of my resolution.

Fortunately, Tara Reid made my job easier by being an idiot on her show Taradise last year. It was on E! and basically was the reincarnation of "Wild On!" - the show that made perrenial Skeet Thrower Top 5 BCS member, Brooke Burke famous (she was on my list until she died in 2004. And by died I mean disappeared from the face of the earth). Also, Tara repeatedly shows up in clips like and pictures like the ones below.

If you don't follow along the same lines as me and still thing Tara Reid is h-o-t-t, then you may not want to watch this or look at the pictures below.

This video is a clip from a New Year's party with Tara Reid.

I love the dudes in this video. This easily has to be one of the worst vacation videos to rewatch (except for this clip). I also enjoy how Tara misses some numbers in her down count from 60! Finally, I liked (does this sound like a 3rd grader's paragraph!) the horrible sound quality and lack of Tara Reid face shots - because it helps me keep my resolution.

If video wasn't enough for you, I've provided you photo evidence. Actually on second thought, I can't have those pictures on here - they're too hideous. I've included links if you want to risk it. It's Tara in a bikini top with a jean skirt so its mostly SFW.

Tara Reid is a Trainwreck
Bad Stomach

I'm not sure what you do to make your stomach look like this, but my God, its awful.

Anyway, here's to 1 year and counting of thinking Tara Reid is not hot.

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D Wheezy said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that dude in the video Pedro from Napolean Dynamite?