Sunday, June 03, 2007

Week In Recap: Wheezy's Birfday Birthday

I'm OK with the I don't really check it that often, but there is one thing that I pretty much couldn't live without: the birthday reminders. I'm usually pretty good about remembering birthdays but every once in a while I would miss one. Now that doesn't happen.

One birthday I wouldn't miss? My boy Wheezy's birthday. Hope you have a good one, brother. To celebrate, here's a ridiculous birthday song for you.

On to the recap...

On Monday, we celebrated Memorial Day by taking a look at National Anthem Disasters.

Wednesday we looked at a different disaster, the Miss Universe 2007 competition.

The first post of June was Friday and we took a look at some funny-ass videos from Michael Cera. The second video in that post is a spoof of a ridiculous video that someone attached to their resume. If you haven't seen it before (or in the last week or so), I recommend that you watch it.

Have a good week.

1 comment:

D Wheezy said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes brother. It really touches the heart.

And other areas as well. The circle of excellence rings bold and true through my very soul.

I hope to sing that song to you for your own day of birth.