Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Crossing Avril Out of My Life

Before I dive into today's post, I have two quick hits. First, I want to give something to those of you that are jonesin' for your weekly Lost fix. This is a badass video combining clips from the first 3 seasons showing you the plane crash in real-time. If you've watched Lost, this will be awesome because it pulls together all of those 30 second flashbacks you get.

Second, the Association draft is coming up next week. This is one of my favorite times of the year because, not only do I get to see what my team is doing next year, but we also get to see some of the most ridiculous suits ever. Anyway, this headline was on ESPN's NBA page yesterday: "Hoya's Green to Stay In, Others Pull Out" (I wish I would have taken a screenshot because it is different now). That's a bold move, Green - I hope you have a fake name lined up.

I think we all know where I stand on Avril Lavigne and her transformation. Well, unfortunately, she has released a remix of her atrocious song Girlfriend (yes, that is the rarely used "crap" link, but as much as I hate that song, how come it keeps getting stuck in my head?). Anyway, here's the remixed video. Fair warning, that awesome picture from the first video is not in this one.

A dance scene? Really, Avril? Yes, I know she doesn't really dance - she more or less lets the people dance around her, but still. And who in the hell is this Lil' Mama person? Her big songs are Lip Gloss and a remix of Um-Ber-El-La? I try to keep my ear to the streets and I haven't heard anything good about that chick. Honestly...I don't even know what to say anymore. I aparently don't know you, Avril. Why'd you have to go make things so complicated (you know that that is)? Now, all I have left are these galleries (pics are SFW, but NSFW is you scroll down) of you (those are Blender pics, and prolly a little racy for work). I'll always remember our good times, Avril, but as of now, I'm writing you out of my life. Just be glad we aren't close to a New Year's celebration, otherwise, you'd get the Tara Reid treatment.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm heading to Vegas for the rest of the week (pending access to the internets, I should have a post up on Friday). Not sure what show(s) we are going to see, but anything featuring BCS #2, Vanessa Marcil would be cool with me. Ok, let's be honest - that's not gonna happen - but I'd settle for a classic folk band like this.


Ross said...

So sad to see Avril go.

LauraJean said...

Avril will be missed, but you're doing the right thing Matt. Keeping her around would just send the message that what she's doing is okay - and it's not.

As I've brought up before there isn't an influx of quality young artists.