Monday, February 11, 2008

Crazy Kool-Aid Commercials

Let me list some of the things you may not know I like:

Popeye's chicken bottomless plate (they don't call it a buffet, I have no clue why).
And Kool-Aid. I love Kool-Aid.

A couple years ago when I was in grad school, I got a gift certificate to the grocery store I shopped at because I spent so much money at the store over the course of six months. I, of course, failed to use the coupon and on the last day I sent my soon-to-be brother-in-law to the store. He asked me what I wanted and I told him just to buy me some stuff. He ended up spending the entire thing on Kool-aid because he knew I love it that much. Anyway, here's a ridiculous Kool-aid commercial. Oh, by the way - it is in Spanish.

Apparently, whoever made that commercial has it all figured out: Kool-Aid is as important as the sun. Here's another one for good measure (this one's in English though).

Who thought this was a great commercial? "Let's have a big walking pitcher of Kool-Aid bust through stuff, scare some old people and then randomly give kids drinks." Genius. I guess it worked though, because I remember them and it was a big enough deal to get into Family Guy's pilot...


LauraJean said...

It can't be called a buffet because there's no actual buffet...

A buffet is a meal serving system where patrons serve themselves. It is a popular method of feeding large numbers of people with minimal staff. The term is also used to describe a sideboard, an antique form of furniture which was sometimes used to offer the dishes of a buffet meal to guests, in a private home.

The bottomless plate is more like free refills.

Double M said...

True. Its tricky though because really Popeye's is just a buffet where they put together the plate. I consider a bottomless plate something where they make the food each time I order it.

Popeye's is like some kind of Buffet/Bottomless Plate hybrid...I guess free refills sums that up well.

D Wheezy said...

I think the guys in the Kool-Aid marketing department just don't try. Or maybe they don't have a marketing department at all.

"It's NAMED Kool, after all. What do we need marketing guys for? Just have him crash through a wall and pour himself into a kids mouth. Or get Bugs Bunny to drink it or something. Nothing says "kool" with a "K" like Bugs drinking Kool-Aid while skiing."

Double M said...

True. Also I hope they did say "pour himself into a kids mouth" because that doesn't sound creepy at all.