Monday, February 04, 2008

Mario Lopez Is A Bad Host

I don't know if you watch the Super Bowl for football or just commercials, but that was an amazing game. On top of a win-win situation for me as a fan, its too bad the commercials weren't outstanding or else we could have gotten the rare Super Bowl Entertainment Trifecta. Why was it a win-win you ask? Well, if the Patriots won, then dumbass Mercury Morris could shut the hell up and we would have seen history. But, since the Giants won, we get to celebrate in d-bags Belichick, Harrison and whoever else you don't like on the Patriots suffer in defeat - and that's awesome. Going back to the commercial thing, I'm pretty sure this was the best commercial from the NFL playoffs (sadly, it wasn't unveiled during the Super Bowl).

Anyway, you don't know this, but my wife loves those crazy dance shows (like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars. On Saturday, we watched a new one that MTV has created: Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew. It is all hip-hop dancing, so that's better than any of the other dancing shows, but there are two really, really painful parts of the show: JC Chasez of N'Sync fame) and Mario Lopez. They are both really, really white dudes interacting with a more rugged crowd. Someone has chronicled all of JC Chasez's awkward interactions (if you watch that, count how many times he says um, uh, kind of, and I mean). I'm not sure how he got on the show, but I can let it slide because he was in N'Sync and they did quite a bit of dancing; however cheesy it was. The real question is how in the hell Mario Lopez got this gig. If you watch that Chasez clip, you only get brief moments of Senor Lopez, but that's all it takes to realize he's trying really hard to be ghetto, forgetting that he spent the last few years doing an Animal Planet show. He is awkward, clearly overreading his lines and just an overall bad host. Besides, if you remove DWTS from the equation, I'm pretty sure this is his only dance experience.

Maybe he's more hood than I thought. We should probably check another video just to make sure.

Ah, that's the Slater I knew. Although if Kelly Kapowski (NSFW) thinks that is hot then I guess you can't fault him.

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D Wheezy said...

You don't know what you're talking about Mueller. Mario Lopez is an amazing host. Look no further than 10 seconds into this when he drops the first of many one liners on what I like to call the male View.