Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Your One Stop for All the Chris Berman Craziness

UPDATE 3: The videos have been pulled from YouTube, but I've got another site's videos embedded where I can now...
Sometimes I get so wrapped up into the intermets that I forget that even though I have seen a video roll through like 30 times, there are still a large number of people that haven't seen it. For instance, did you know that there are these funny videos of respected moderately annoying ESPN anchor Chris Berman showing up on the intermist? Well, I realized today that even though I have seen the videos a bunch of times, a bunch of you guys haven't. And even if you have, they are scattered all over the web - too many to even give a hat tip. So I'm gonna put them all in one place (there's a bunch of them and if you really don't care about Berman, you can always roll to the last video which has nothing to do with him).

The videos are apparently from some guy posting on YouTubes under the name Ampex2000 and he did an interview with Deadspin where he said he might post one more. You can even bookmark this page - I'll update it when it shows up (or you can just wait for the post to reappear your reader).

The first video that was posted (I think) is Berman just yelling at everyone in the studio. He references the Son of our Lord a lot in this one so exercise some caution and use some headphones. Pretty sure there's an f-bomb in there too.

Nothing like an explosive d-bag as your "lead" anchor/personality. That video pissed off the some religious group (again) and they protested at ESPN on Monday. The next video is Berman complaining again about the prompter. He comes off like a real jackass on this one. That said, this is the mildest of the videos.
** Don't have this one yet...

He doesn't seem like a fun guy to work with. My favorite video of the collection is the next one. In it, Berman just drops a bunch of f-bombs, which makes me laugh. They aren't censored, so exercise caution.

If you've ever wanted to know what a "duh-duh-duh" or how to smuggle drugs in from Canada, Berman will tell you how (see, you can even learn something today).

If I had been working with Berman up to this point, I probably could have used some of those 222's. This next one is really boring and I wouldn't recommend watching it (but for the sake of completeness I've included it) - it is Berman trying to use his "celebrity" status to get a table setup for his friends. It is the longest of the videos, and, like I said, not worth it.

The next video is Berman being kinda creepy, talking to a chick that desperately wants out of the conversation. He tries to sound all fancy with his wine talk, but the best part of the video comes 31 seconds in.
**Don't have this one yet

UPDATE: There's been a new video posted today (Tuesday). In this one Berman is clearly not happy with one of the most respected announcers in football history, Al Michaels. Standard NSFW language in this one.

UPDATE 2: Turns out ESPN says they don't care

Honestly, I kinda feel bad for Berman. He annoys me now, but I used to think he was really funny. I just imagine Berman as a grown up, successful version of Seth from Superbad. Speaking of Superbad, the Line-O-Rama feature (where they just do several takes on funny lines throughout the movie) from the DVD's extra features finally made it to the intermets and I've included it below because I think its funny. You'll prolly need headphones on this one because of the language.


D Wheezy said...

I bet you he says "He Could Go All the Way" when he's gettin' it on.

I bet that's an old joke - but I just thought of it so it's new to me.

Double M said...

Nope. That's new to me too. I imagine (not that I imagine Berman laying pipe on a regular basis) he says other things like "bumbling, stumbling, tumbling" when he can't get a bra undone and "back, back, back" when he want to switch positions.

No way he never talks about handski's though.