Thursday, February 28, 2008

This Is How Things Get Ruined

There's been a running theme in a lot of the things I've read on the intermist lately - funny things becoming not funny. I've talked about it here before and I don't really want to rehash it again (although I'll probably talk about it tomorrow a little more in depth to be honest, so ignore that last sentence), but I wanted to take a look at two hip-hop trends, one that is crashing and another that is still rolling strong.

To be honest, nothing seems to crush the life of a hip-hop trend quicker than white people picking it up - not necessarily white people that are tight with the streets, rather, upper-class, older white people.

Example A: Crank Dat - people still love to Superman Dat Ho, but I've heard it hasn't been played in the best clubs for a while now. This is why.

Funny? Absolutely. Will that kill any cred for that song? You betcha.

Example B: Ghost riding that whip. Turns out that this still hasn't caught on with upper-middle class white America (just imagine your rich boss opening the car door to his Lexus and breaking it down next to his car) and I don't see it really happening. Thus, ghost riding is still cool as evidenced by this video.

Ghost ride that DeLorean. Funny? Fo sho, but it still keeps its cred.


Texas Katie said...

Apparently this the new "thing" - I was at a Grizzlie's game in December and they had the Grannies and the Grampas and they did the same dance... Horrifying, yet hilarious.

texas katie said...

Did you see this???

Double M said...

Ya, those jail guys are nuts. I don't know how they get everyone in on that.

At least without some shanking or something.