Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Parking Kicks It For Reals, Yo

You know I have to keep you updated to any break throughs in the white rap game. Well, there's a new group out there called No Parking that is bringing you some new freestyles. Well, they aren't really freestyles considering you can tell that they are reading from a script, but they are recorded over what appears to be a web cam and uploaded onto YouTube - that's got to be something right?

I won't tell you much about them - you can figure it out from the video - but they seem young. Oh, and they're white (have I said that yet?). Also, I'm not sure how its a group because its only one dude. Anyway, without further ado, here is their first song "Crank Dat Louisville."

I don't understand why he's so quiet - I keep expecting his mom to just bust through the door and tell him to turn down that crazy music. Apparently homeboy decided that he needed some backup (and maybe someone to make the spitting noise), so he recruited some chick for his next video. Bonus - I guess now they can be a group now (by your power's combined.... Here's the second video, "Get Low, Detroit Lions."

Sad news: I'll be out-of-town for the next couple of days and I have no clue whether I'll have the webermist. So, if I don't post...sorry. Here's a video of the NSFW-language video of the ghetto preacher to hold you over (make it through the first 1:45, trust me).

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