Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Make It Rainn On This Film

If you're missing your Dwight/The Office/Rainn Wilson fix (the show will be back in April!), I think I have something to help you out. Apparently some the Film Independent Spirit Award committee hired Rainn to make some funny videos. I've included a couple here. (On a side note, doesn't "Spirit Award" sound like a code word for "Participant"? Who likes the participant ribbons? I hated when they gave those things out at competitions I was at. Did they win? No. So why in the hell would they want to remember it? I remember I got a participant ribbon once. I threw it away on my way out of the competition.)

Here's Rainn in the 3rd (and funniest) part of his interview with Jason Reitman (the director of Juno).

The first 2 parts can be seen here and here (the 3rd is easily the funniest).

Here's Rainn interviewing Todd Haynes who directed something called I'm Not There, which I know nothing about..but the interview is funny.

I just went back and looked at the cast from the movie I'm Not There and there are apparently two characters in the movie names Hobo Joe and Hobo Moe. I'll probably see it now. Anyway, Rainn also has an interview with a fake Julian Schnabel, who I also know nothing about.


D Wheezy said...

I miss the Office.

Double M said...

It's coming back, I promise.

LauraJean said...

Dude, it's Oscar season, how can you not have heard of the Bob Dylan film with 5 people (including nominated Cate Blanchett) playing Dylan and the movie based on memoirs that some guy blinked out with one eye? One eye!

Double M said...

Ya, it turns out that I did know more about that movie than I thought...but you about summed it up right there.