Monday, May 07, 2007

Colbert: The Beginnings

I watched a small amount of SNL in the 90's last night. It was OK, but it just made me sad to remember what we had (on a side note, a lot of the alums looked really, really bad. Just awful). On the plus side, it allowed me to think about all of the good spin-offs SNL created. One of my favorites was the Dana Carvey Show (not to be confused with the Drew Carey Show - which I hated). I don't think the Dana Carvey Show lasted very long but it did have some awesome clips like this one:

When I was in middle school, that was the funniest thing ever. Anyway, one of the best parts of the DCS is that is featured Stephen Colbert (who, on a side note has an awesome Wiki: featuring an article entitled Obamamamamia!). He seemed to be in most of the skits that made me laugh like Skinheads from Maine or him acting as a news reporter (as a precursor to his Daily Show days - I would normally have a clip there, but damn Viacom won't let their clips stay on the YouTube.Com...bastards).

Anyway, my favorite clip from that show was probably Stephen Colbert doing the NBC prologue for game 3 of the 1997 Eastern Conference Finals between the Bulls and Heat.

Those damn NBC Prologues were the best. Its prolly the combo of the music and the Bob Costas and Marv Albert (if you ever wanted to hear Marv Albert say "sloppy ball" watch the beginning of that clip...that's the only reason it is there) voice-overs.

Speaking of the NBA, did you watch the Spurs/Suns game yesterday? This is gonna be a good series - probably just as good as the Mavs/Warriors one. You have Nash, Stoudamire, Marion, Barbosa, Duncan, Parker, Ginobli and Big Shot Rob. It is gonna be awesome.

If nothing else, it led to this photograph. Here's a video of the accident.

Steve Nash should just be happy he ran into Tony Parker and not Jack Bauer.

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D Wheezy said...

Ah, Dana Carvey. Your career has so many peaks and valleys.

I often stand atop the highest of those peaks and look across the rolling landscape - lamenting I had not been at your side to say "No! Dana, No!".