Sunday, May 13, 2007

Week in Recap: Baron Davis Dunk

Let me start of today by saying Happy Mother's Day to my two moms who I hope never read this blog.

I watch a lot of basketball. A lot. It got to the point last week where my wife asked me if I was putting basketball ahead of her. I'm gonna be honest with you, when the 2nd round of the playoffs roll around, I get pretty distracted every night (and its not because of Charles Barkley's sweet ass). Sometimes the games suck, and I drift in and out, but the benefit of watching all of the basketball? Seeing dunks like this.

That was nasty. Nothing like a good facial (especially in the face of a Russian - you commie bastards). You know its a good dunk when it leads to reactions like this and Stephen Jackson doing who knows what here. I'm not going to tell you to watch any games because everytime I have, its been followed up with a blowout, but this has been one of the best playoffs in recent memory.

On to the recap...

On Monday, we took a look back at Stephen Colbert's early TV moments. Also, there was a funny clip recently on The Colbert Show where Stephen made his own Korean Music Video. I've embedded it in a format because damn Viacom keeps taking down Comedy Central clips.

We took a look at characters named Skeeter from Nickelodeon on Wednesday.

On Friday I asked "What in the hell happened to Luke Wilson?". This post also featured a comment from Ross who is hanging out in Panama.

Have a good week.

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