Friday, May 18, 2007

Casual Dress Friday: Shorty's BCS Top 5

Its a casual dress Friday here at the Skeet Thrower and today is a weird day because it is the first time in the history of the Skeet Thrower that I am going to allow a ghost guest writer to actually write something on the blizog. But before I do that, allow me to tell you a little story.

About two weeks ago, I came home from work and was greeted by something strange. Usually, I come home, my dog goes nuts and my wife usually says something to the extent of "Hi, dear." Instead, this day I was greeted with "Salma Hayek, huh? And why did you post that same Vanessa Marcil video again?" If you couldn't figure it out, my wife found the BCS Top 5. Fortunately, I wasn't trying to hide anything from her, so it wasn't like I was in trouble or anything - she was just curious. Anyway, not to be left out, she immediately began working on her list. About a week ago, she asked me when I was going to post her list. My reply: "When you do all of the hard work. I'm not looking up any cod pieces on the Internets...Google already thinks I'm gay enough."

To my surprise, Shorty spent the next hour evaluating pictures, watching videos and writing the summaries. So, since you already know the rules, here is Shorty's (unadultered by me except for some formatting) BCS Top 5.

Shorty's BCS Top 5

5. John Krasinski
John Krasinski (The Office) is my most loveable! He’s just got that fantastic personality, plus he is funny has hell! Go Team Pam!

4. Most Obtainable: Bryan Greenberg
Bryan Greenberg is my most obtainable. Plus he was born in Omaha! I began to like him on One Tree Hill (yes, my favorite girly show) and now enjoy the new series October Road (yes another girly show)!!!

3. Taye Diggs
Taye Diggs is my “nice to look at.” He’s got a killer smile, plus I got to see his butt in How Stella Got Her Groove Back!

2. Andy Roddick
Andy is my “tennis instructor.” I’m sure I could learn a few things from him!! Plus, he lives in Austin, well at least one month a year!!

1. Dwayne Wade
First of all, Dwayne is my “grrr!” That man is just telling me to “come and get it!” Plus, I would put Dwayne Wade in my “fave 5” way before I would ever put Charles Barkley in my fave 5!

Injured Reserve: Chad Michael Murray is the guy I should hate, but just can’t! He’s just too damn hot. However, I did decide to switch him with John Krasinski because he is engaged after already being divored (bad move, he was married to Sophia Bush (NSFW)) to an 18 year-old chick!!

Ok, that's her list. Let's be honest, there are more exclamation points in that list than there than there have been on the Skeet Thrower in the previous 147(!) posts combined. That's impressive. Also, I'm not sure why she gets to sneak an injured reserve in there. Anyway, hope you enjoyed her list.

Now, you know I can't leave you without a video, so here is a video of ridiculous movie death scenes (starting with Shark Attack 3: Megalodon!) to slingshot you into the weekend.

Have a good weekend.


Texas Katie said...

I'm totally on board with John Krasinski and TEAM PAM !

My friend dated Andy R. for a spell. He's a tool. But he has a lovely house on Mt. Bonnell...

D Wheezy said...


Shorty - you may want to rethink a couple of your Top 5. For one thing, Jim will just string you along for a season or two then eventually go back to somebody not as good as you, then just up and die on everybody.


And I don't think Taye Diggs is realistic, considering that he is apparently forbidden (according to your link above).

Thanks for the ridiculous death scenes Double M. I always enjoyed the ones from the Leprechaun movies the most.

Double M said...

Updated the link...while at work...that was precarious (also unfortunate because now it will show up new in a bunch of readers).

Also, good death scenes Wheezy. I always saw the Leprechaun movies at Blockbuster but, obviously, never rented them.