Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nickelodeon Slips One Past Us

Every once in a while, I do a little research for a post or the blog itself. For instance, sometimes I go to Google or and type in variations of Skeet Throwin' to see how it turns out. Just to give you an update:

Search Term            Number
Skeet Throwin'              1st
Skeet Thrower               3rd
Skeet Throwing             7th

I really have no reason for doing this other than curiosity. One of the added benefits of doing research is that I often stumble upon ridiculous links or videos (why only one eye!). For instance, here's a video for show on Nickelodeon about a puppet named Cousin Skeeter.

You may have missed it, but that video included the lines "Skeeter's the one for me" and "Skeeter's what I want, Skeeter's what I ne-e-e-ed." On a side note, that song was apparently sung by 702, a group famous for the high school hit Where My Girls At?.

While those lines are funny, to me, the most interesting thing may be the fact that Nickelodeon has now had two characters named Skeeter, the other being Skeeter Valentine from the show Doug. I'm not sure whether they knew what skeet meant or not, but I think this clip might shed some light onto things.

Skeet face! I'll give Nickelodeon the Doug character, but they slid one right by us their viewers (I would have put the Chappelle Show clip here...damn you Viacom, bastards) with the Cousin Skeeter show. Not only did they name the main character Skeeter, but they put it in the title. Well played, Nickelodeon.


D Wheezy said...

I miss the old Nickelodeon with a passion. Now that I'm Orlando though I'm thinking of checking out that slime fountain finally.

I would normally insert these in witty comments, but I'm just gonna lay them out for ya.

Full Episode of Pete and Pete

Full Episode of Are you Afraid of the Dark

Full Episode of Salute your Shorts

"Yak Shaving Day" on Ren
and Stimpy

I think that covers all of the first set of SNICK shows(Saturday Night Nickelodeon).

D Wheezy said...

Also, searching Skeet Throwin' lists Why Not as the 5th search result - while Googling Why Not brings up an idea exchange and Hilary Duff.