Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That...

Let me start off by saying, I don't know if you watched the Warriors/Mavericks game last night, but it was a great game. The Warriors should have won, but went away from their offense in the last two minutes which cost them the game. If you have a chance, I'd watch the game on Thursday. It will be a good one - I promise.

I was going to talk some more about my BCS Top 5 Chicas today, but I think all I really need to say is Christina Milian (NSFW) is my wild card. Also, my wife finally decided to read my list, and, of course, immediately began constructing her list by looking up Andy Roddick's cod piece on the Internets. I guess that's prolly fair. I guess she has gotta flex her vagina box power.

Also, if you didn't check the comments, my boy Adam posted his BCS Top 5 which included: 5) Melissa Theuriau 4) Marisa Miller (NSFW), 3) Elizabeth Hasselbeck, 2) Erin (NSFW) Andrews and 1) Stacey "Dancing With The Stars Made Me" Keibler (who is now longer on WWE anymore, I believe - none of those links are particularly SFW by the way). For my money, I would replace Elizabeth Hasselbeck with Kelly Ripa.

Good list, Adam. Also, happy birthday (a day early). Anyway, the only thing I really wanted to talk about today, was my flight from Omaha to Austin this weekend. I wrote a long blurb about it here, but then I sounded like a whiny little bitch. Suffice it to say that the gate attendants in Memphis suck ass. Instead of complaining about it, I'll leave you with a ridiculous South Park clip that explains the situation.

That's right I'm going to nag at them until I get what I want. What were you thinking.

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