Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Romosexuals Fall Short

I just watched the Cowboys (and specifically, Tony Romo) throw away a playoff victory. On Christmas Day's Eve (not Christmas Eve, but the night of the 25th - is this the hardest night to describe of the year?), I watched Romo try to throw away my 3rd place fantasy football team's (ironically named "The Romosexuals") trophy (he didn't I still won 3rd), so to make up for it, I turned to one of my favorite pictures to cheer me up.

For all of you Cowboys fans out there, this might help. Who doesn't love a manatee. And buckets. I love buckets. Plus the guy in the picture looks like he could be the 3rd Super Mario Brother. The blue one. Wonder what they would call him?

Anyway, you all know how much I love the, so I went there and searched for manatee bucket. On a side note, someone the other day referred to as, a Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation. They then lost all credibility with me.

But I digress, after my search, there was no video available. So I decided that maybe someone on the Internets would mistake the manatee as a walrus and I searched for walrus bucket. Since mistakes on the internet never happen, I didn't expect much, but to my surpise, a video returns called "Walrus Has A Bucket" and it is subtitled "Nooo they are taking his bucket!" Excitedly, I opened the video. It turned out to be some dude messing with his junk (sadly not in a box). I'm not quite sure what he was trying to do because I peaced out on it pretty quick. I'm not gonna show the video here because this is a family place.

Anyway, I try to keep up on all kinds of slang, but I had yet to hear of anything involving a walrus and a bucket. So I went to one of my favorite websites, and found these (they are kind of graphic so be careful, PG-13 rating ahead):

When having sex with a girl, you [skeet] in her mouth, then procede to punch her in the stomach while [said skeet] is in her mouth - causing the [skeet] to come out her nose while she groans. [This creates] two tusks and a sound like a walrus

A flabby, loose or overly spacious [box]. Has a complete lack of taughtness and can usually house large objects, possibly large objects being the cause.

I replaced some of the graphic words with words you may be more familiar with, but you should get the point. While these are definitely two very funny definitions, they don't link the walrus and the bucket together. So, outside of having to rethink my love for buckets, I'm stumped.

Anyway, if you have any clue as to why this video would be here, let me know.

Something I'm not confused about is hot chicks. And one hot chick I know is Vanessa Marcil. Why am I bringing her up? Because her character on the show Las Vegas handles "whales" all the time. Why would I bring up whales? Because they are a sea animal that also starts with a W.

Is that too loose of a connection for you? Ok you got me. Really, I just wanted to show this clip of Vanessa Marcil doing yoga stretches on the Ellen show. Sometimes I focus too much on the negatives (see: Here and Here) and not enough on the chicks in my top 5.


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Anyway, it seemed like something that would show up in your blog:

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