Friday, January 26, 2007

The Office: Pam Vs. Karen

It's a casual dress Friday here at the Skeet Thrower. Since it's Friday, let's get right to business. Just like Diddy.

Well, OK, let's take a second to check out this picure. Well done, Diddy. Not only are you looking at what everyone else is looking at, but you made it cool by getting it caught on camera. Because if you do it, it's cool to do it. Just like Proactiv solution. And that' cool because you use it to preserve your sexy, right?

Damn! Maybe I should get me some of that Proactiv. Get me some of that silky, smooth, cocoa butter skin! Well, it would probably be silky, smooth, white chocolate skin. Same thing. Also, what in the hell is going on in that room? Is that a sweat shop in a hotel/apartment/office building? Who is that short minority man? Is Diddy wasted or is this just an edgy Proactiv commercial? Is this how he spent the $3 million he got for promoting Proactiv? Now I'm confused.

Anyway, let's actually get to business. Something I'm not confused about is how much I love 24 - I talk about that damn show all of the time. It's my BCS #1 for television shows right now. However, one show I don't talk about enough it my BCS #2 show: The Office. The show is genious.

So genious, in fact, that it has split its fan base. There is a battle between fans over who is better Pam Beesly or Karen Filippelli.

The battle is so important that you can buy t-shirts - and let me tell you about t-shirts: Sororities make them for every important event, so if there is a t-shirt, it is important.

I'm on the Karen side. Pam blew her shot. And Karen's dad was prolly a GI. I'm not sure why that should change things, but it does. And she has a ha-uge mouth. That may be a negative, I'm not sure.

Anyway, all the girls I know are on Team Pam, whereas most of the dudes are on Team Karen. Coincidence? Hell no.

So, if you're not watching The Office, you should watch it. That said, rather than showing you a clip from The Office, I thought I'd show you a clip of some Outtakes and Bloopers. Some of them are really funny and it shows how much "improv" goes into the show. It's a long one (8ish minutes) so make sure you have the time.


windy-zw said...

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D Wheezy said...

Bush league, Mozilla. Bush league.

On a blog-related note. Team Karen all the way. Pam blew it, and now it seems as though Jim is gonna blow it too.


Andrea said...

That's crap Dan! TEAM PAM ALL THE WAY!