Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Appearing & Disappearing Like Ninjas!

You may have noticed some changes here at the Skeet Thrower. Prolly not, but maybe. I've upgraded to the new version of Blogger (which was bought by the growing beast Google) and I've changed a few things around.

The most exciting thing, however, has nothing to do with Google taking over Blogger (which will probably result in some ridiculous name, like Boogler). It's actually the appearance of a simple link under the My Favorite Links section:

The actual link is Wheezy's Blog

Now, you are undoubtedly asking yourself one or more of the following four (4) questions:

  1. Who is the Wheezy and where did he go in the first place?

  2. You see Wheezy daily, why is this a big deal?

  3. Wheezy has said this before, is he really back?

  4. Why would I want to see pictures of Wheezy's back?

Well, I can answer all of those questions for you. First, Wheezy's blog was easily one of the funniest, creative and most importantly original blogs on the Internets. It was genious, but then he had to work and as work increased his posting decreased. This brings me to the second question, Wheezy and I now longer work together. I'm not sure whether it was my continuous use of the words skeet and derka or his desire to draw animated things (respectible things, none of that anime porn garbage), but whatever it was, Wheezy has decided to go back to the wonderland that is known as college. Now that he's back in college, he'll post all of the time, or at least every few days (which answers my third question).

Finally, if you don't want to see Wheezy's back then I don't want you reading this website. Go ahead and leave now...

If Wheezy's back intrigued you (or if you immediately clicked the link above and now you've returned from that link wondering how you missed all of the pictures of Wheezy's backside), we'll go ahead and continue. While Wheezy appeared and disappeared like a ninja (see I tied in the title), I'm thinking he's here to stay - so go check it out, add it to your reader, etc.

In honor of Wheezy, allow me to present to you a scenario which Wheezy once asked me:

Assume you have been offered to have sex on the Internets. And by on the internets I mean over a web cam and everyone would know it was you (like there might be a title on the webcam feed). How much money would it take? Effectively, how much would it take for the American Pie scenario. But since the title is about ninjas today, I thought I would show a video of an unmasked ninja being dumb instead of American Pie (plus it qualifies for the family website).

So that's a little old, but damnit it is good. Back to the question, how much money would it take for me to do something like that (not the backflip but the sex)? A lot - probably I wouldn't do it, but I never say never. Wheezy, always a thinker then asked how much would it take if you could wear a mask (like a luchador mask) and no one would ever know it was you. Intriguing. What's also intriguing is that I have a video clip for this scenario as well (with ninjas, not masked sex).

I don't know. It's hypothetical (much like the kindergarten fight question) so I just made up an answer. But I still wonder to this day if Wheezy was really wanting to know for himself...

Just kidding, he's not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. He's just not gay.

Welcome back, Wheezy.


D Wheezy said...

You're my heart.

Ross said...

That's a very interesting hypothetical- I wonder where Wheezy got that idea?