Friday, January 05, 2007

It's Mariah Vs. Whitney In A 1990's Diva Battle!

It's a casual dress Friday here at the Skeet Thrower, and you know what that means?


Well, I guess you probably wouldn't since I've never said it's a casual dress Friday before. For me, a casual dress Friday means nothing different other than making it through the work day to get to the weekend. Who doesn't love Friday afternoon/evening?

Enough explaining the obvious. For you, a casual dress Friday means you get to see a battle over who is a bigger casual dress catastrophy. I bring to you today a battle between two 1990's Divas: Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

First, Mariah Carey, dressed as a 3rd grade girl hiding from the boogey monster. You can click on the picture for a closer look.

I think she is wearing moon boots. I'm no fashion expert, so I can't tell you everything that is wrong there, but this is a train wreck. Well done, Maraiaiaiaih. I used to think you were really hot. In 1997, I think you ranked in my top five. Now, you are an astronaut. Mariah, you on fiya! Do you remember that line from like half her songs in the late 90's? What happened to you Mariah? Mix in a salad and stop being so Raven. And by Raven I mean thick and breezy.

Our second subject of today is Whitney Houston. This clip is old, but awesome. I laugh at this just as hard today as I did when I first saw it. I've decided to include The Soup's version because you get to see it a bunch. On a side note, The Soup is one of the most genious shows on television.

Did you know that Whitney had to have a garage sale to pay for things like her house. Also, did you know that on the show from that clip (Being Bobby Brown, not The Soup), Bobby had to reach into her butt and pull out a piece of deuce because she was constipated (I can't show that, this is a family website)? I feel these are things you need to know.

Honestly, someday my kids will watch a better version of I Love The 90's and then say to me: "What the deuce? That was Whitney Houston? Really? That was the chick who sang 'I Will Always Love You', a song that is mandatory at karaoke (how the hell do you spell that?) and always, always butchered? It looks like her and the 2000's decided to battle and she lost."

Anyway, enjoy these two train wrecks. Let me know who you think worse.


Anonymous said...

It's easily Mariah. Whitney is just trying to make people remember her.

And you spelled karaoke right. You say you love the "internets," right? Google that shit!


Anonymous said...

Remember when we taped the Honey video and watched it like 10 times striaght.

It's Mariah.