Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Things That Should Be Improved In Television...

I watch a lot of football. A lot. I pretty much try to watch whatever games are on. As such, I have several recommendations for what could be changed in football (especially the new running clock rules in college - the NCAA is full of derka derkas). But, most of those are better discussed over a beer or a ton of food, so most of them here.

Why the post then you ask? Because there are two things that need to be immediately changed - I'm talking starting tonight - for football games on TV. First, Andrea Kramer needs to be removed from sideline reporting. Have you seen her in HD? She looks like death. It is awful. Honestly, ESPN, can't you sack up and give me someone else? Everytime I'm surprised by an HD image of Andrea Kramer I kind of jump back in my seat. I literally look away from the screen when I know she's coming. Not Good Times.

Second, all halftime coaching interviews need to be altered. Why you ask? Because of Joe Kines' halftime speech. Who is Joe Kines? The interim coach at Alabama. He gave probably the best halftime speech of all time. No swearing, no insults, just straight up craziness in his voice. Of course, this clip became immediately available on the, and now I'm bringing it to you.

He sounds exactly like Animal the Muppet. And who didn't love Animal? Genious. Well Done, Kines. I will now become your biggest fan. If you become the head coach of Alabama, I will root for your team so you will be on television more. Couldn't television networks do this to all coaches? I mean, we are already on a 7-second delay, how much harder would it be to put a Joe Kines filter over all halftime interviews. 99.9% of the time those interviews are worthless, but if every coach sounded like Kines, I would listen everytime. We could even expand this and have multiple voice-overs, like James Earl Jones, Sean Connery or that dude from NFL Films.

Anyway, here's a good clip of Animal the Muppet for reference.

Oh yeah, remember all that Andrea Kramer talk? Apparently the agrees with me...

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