Monday, January 08, 2007

NFL: The Playoffs Are Nuts!

The NFL playoffs are always good times. It's really the people that step it up that make it more fun. And by people, I don't mean the football players and coaches because they go all out in the NFL week-to-week.

No, I mean the fans. When the owners jack up ticket prices, the average fan prolly can't afford to get in. This means that they are willing to do some crazy stuff to get tickets.

For instance, you may remember last year the fan that wanted someone to "come over in a Roethlisberger jersey" and "[we can't say this word here but it begins with an F] her." Never wanting to be topped by Pittsburgh, this year some Philidelphia fans are the ones bringing the shananaganery. There is a couple that wants playoff tickets sooooooo badly that they are willing to let someone call the shots when they are having sex in exchange for tickets. No word on whether someone bit on this deal, but how about that? Way to step it, Phili. How bad would it have sucked if you lost that game?

Anyway, speaking of craigslist, I thought I would share my favorite craigslist post. It's included below. It is probably somewhere between PG-13 and R, but not gonna get you in trouble at work or anything. But you kids should probably change the url in the bar at the top of your screen after the video.

What video? Well, I thought I would give you the "Aaron Brooks Glitch" shown by the Eagles in Madden. I'm not sure why this happens but the quarterback just throws the ball backwards. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Why is this called the Aaron Brooks Glitch? Because he actually threw a pass backwards about 20 yards in a game. Then Duece McAllister had to run and pick it up and take the 20 yard loss so it wasn't a lost fumble. It's about 1000 times funnier to watch it in real life. This clip was on the, but the NFL wanted to removed (they don't like their players looking like crap). This is prolly the first time that the has let me down. If I ever find it again, I'll post it.

Anyway, I promised you a craigslist post.

It's for used sex toys.

Go ahead and change the url now if you're underage.


Ok, for everyone else, here is the post. Good times. Hope you didn't buy (or post) any of this stuff. I don't need to say anything else.

Used sex toys for sale - mw4mw

I have the following pre-owned adult toys for immediate sale:

Three-speed Vibrator with adjustable head, works great but rotator is slightly jammed with hair. $25

4 size small and extra small butt-plugs. I moved up the size rather quick so they are barely used and in perfect shape. $4 each

3 half eaten edible panties, size XXL. Flavors: virgin strawberry, smooth Irish cream, and backdoor fudge. $2.50 each

Soft rubber life-like (cock with balls) black dildo. The paint is slightly worn off at the tip but otherwise works great. $10

2 size extra small cock rings. $3 each or $5 for both.

1 set of glass anal beads. These beads have been used a lot so they are extra smooth! $8.

1 white leather sex swing, made in England. Slightly stained at the edges of leg straps. $25

Deep anal metal sphere mini-vibrator. The metal casing is slightly bent due to emergency retrieval surgery, but still vibrates perfectly well. $5

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