Friday, January 19, 2007

UUUHHHGGG-rrrr! means Tom Brady

It's a casual dress Friday, and its been one (1) week since I formally announced my intentions to drop 10-15 L-B's. I'm happy to report to you that I'm down 2 pounds. At this rate, I will be manorexic by February. Not to mention that I feel really gay monitoring my weight and reporting it to everyone else. Gay times.

Speaking of gay times, let's talk about American Idol. Now before you go get in a tussle, I'm not saying you're gay if you watch American Idol. I just want to calrify a few things.

Inherently, this show is not really a dude's show, but a lot of guys watch it. I wouldn't say its gay to watch it, but let's set down some ground rules:

  1. If you're watching it with a significant other/family - you're ok.

  2. If you're watching it because you're significant other/family is going to talk about it and you need to know what they're talking about - you're ok.

  3. If you're looking forward to it all week - you're probably a little gay.

  4. If you've been looking forward to it since last May - you're probably pretty gay.

  5. If you vote as many times as you can every week from multiple different locations - you know you're gay already.

Of course, this only applies to guys and probably only counts once the real show starts. All of this intro BS (you know, with a lot of generic people that suck), that's probably ok to watch because there are some good times. Plus Paula Abdul is a train wreck.

Why all of the talk about American Idol? Because I saw this clip of a woman singing a song from The Wizard of Oz. Now, I haven't seen TWOZ (see what I did there?) since I was little so I really don't remember any of the songs, but when I walked into the middle of this performance, I thought this chick was imitating a half-man/half-wookie.

Anyway, here is the video of the Wookie woman (you will not be gay if you watch this clip).

All kinds of the good things in that video. First, she says she can "do" the lion (I'm not sure what that means). Second, she may have been reading directly from this blog. I'm not sure though. Also, the poster rejection is awesome. Plus, Jewel (who would be smoking hot if not for her messed up grill) is there, and that's always good times.

In other music news that is also slightly gay, I bring you this video about Tom Brady. This is a Kissing Suzy Kolber production (like yesterday), so it follows the same format (scrolling pictures with a song in the background), but this one is easily 1000x funnier than the Rexy Back one from yesterday. It is SFW and you really, really need headphones to enjoy the song along with the plethora a pictures.

How about that love ballad, huh?

Yeaaaaaah, I wanna help you reach completion
...rating highest in the the league!

If only it was sung by the Wookie chick. Someone on the internets needs to make that for me.


So let's recap: weight discussion, American Idol, hairy things and a Tom Brady love song. Nope, no gayness here. Not at all. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Have a good weekend.



D Wheezy said...

This "music video" is so ridiculously appropriate for not only our relationship, but also for today's post. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

D Wheezy said...

Whoops. Forgot the link.