Friday, October 12, 2007

Casual Dress Friday: I'm a Man, I Use A Lot of Hair Product!

Unless you don't look at Internet video/watch TV, you've probably seen the Mike Gundy rant. I generally try not to include videos that everyone has seen here, but there's a link there if you haven't watched it. It's pretty funny.

If you didn't know (or couldn't tell from the Orange and Black OK State background in the video), Gundy is the head coach of Oklahoma State University. There's been a lot of ridiculous parodies of his rant (and some of them, while good ideas, are remarkably not funny). Ironically, outside of the original rant, the video I saw that made me laugh the hardest had nothing to do with the rant. Someone took a bunch of Gundy's photos and put one of the Bud Light's Real Men of Genious songs behind it.

I love those damn commercials. They always make me laugh. The guys who came up with those ads are truly real men of genius. You know who are not real men of genius? The guys who made this ridiculous Levi's commercial.

At what point did they think, "You know what? We're gonna have him roll up and down the bottom 2 inches of his pants and strut in a 1' x 1' area. It's gonna be awesome!" For all you marketing people out there, this is exactly how you don't make a commercial. At least that guy and Gundy could talk about hair styles.

Have a good weekend.


LauraJean said...

I love a good real men of genius video. Actually, I love the bad ones too.

D Wheezy said...

Actually I thought that NI one was pretty good. Mainly because I've driven that street before.

You know what commercial made me laugh recently? A Red Bull one.

Normally I think they're pretty bad - but you really can't go wrong with pointy boobs. Even dog ones.

Double M said...

Ha. I had not seen either of those commercials. Well done, you two.

Wheezy, that link to your blog is awesome...sadly I remember where there was more than one Wheezy comic a week.

D Wheezy said...

I remember that time too. I was in class for maybe 9 hours a week instead of 40, and my job required Flash - so I'd frequently take breaks from real work to make comics.

Ah... them be the days.