Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NBA...It's Fan-tastic

Do you remember that slogan? Probably not if you didn't watch much NBA. I, however, watch(ed) a ton of NBA. My wife dreads the start of the season each year, even though she ends up watching the playoffs with me every year. She has already started complaining this year and the season doesn't even start for another couple weeks. I did have both of my NBA fantasy drafts this week, though.

What does that mean for you? It means you get to see some awesome NBA clips again. Of course, I don't like to really show highlights from the games, rather, I like to show you things you may not have seen or may have forgotten. For instance, do you remember the series of NBA commercials starring the Fun Police? This was one of my favorites.

How bad of an actor was Gary Payton (They should have just included Kevin Garnett he always comes through (that's a repeat, but its worth it))? No matter how bad that was, its not as bad as this Laker's promo video.

Back in the day those commercials were the shit. The Lakers and the Lakers girls are always good for a laugh as well.

Well, a laugh or that a guy on the front right? If you make it about 1 minute into that video, I hope you laughed. To be honest, it started to burn once I got to that Wilt the Stilt hip thrust thing after all that fake dribbling. Wait, you didn't do it along with the video? Me either.

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