Saturday, October 06, 2007

Week In Recap: It's Saturday

It's Saturday, and you may be asking yourself why is there a new post on Saturday? The answer? I can't stop posting...just kidding. Really, if you're asking that question, I guess you should be asking yourself why you're reading this.

In any case, with the new posting style, I feel the recap makes much more sense on Saturday. Of course, it may not get posted on Saturday, but hopefully the recap will make it way more often than it has over the last few months.

Anyway, while you're reading this I'm either driving to Columbia, MO, hanging out in Columbia, watching a Nebraska/Missouri football game or, if you make it to Sunday, driving home from the game, on Sunday. Hopefully everything turns out well. We all remember what Mizzouri's Chase Daniel did last year - we can only hope for that or worse today. If nothing else, I hope this video of Erin Andrews, getting upset because the third take of some random tailgating piece didn't go as planned, gets you in the football mood.

If football doesn't do it for you (wha?), here's a video of Bobby Abreu's baseball bat breaking for no apparent reason last night. Watch the bat after he taps it on the plate. That was the second best part of that game, right behind the Yankees losing.

On To The Recap:

On Monday, I made it to Post #200. Unveiling the new posting style. Hope you've enjoyed it thus far.

We looked at the marketing power of Billy Dee Williams on Tuesday.

Eric Olsen showed us how bad of an actor he really is on Wednesday.

Vern Fonk Insurance videos were all over Friday's post.


D Wheezy said...

I applaud your bold move in the direction of "more posts, less content". Easier to take in than your normal Skeet Throwing volume.

Maybe I should release a single panel of my comic every other day instead just blowing my wad like I normally do.

Double M said...

Glad you enjoy.

Please don't stop blowing your wad.