Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Attack of Not-Hetero Videos

So yesterday, I got into a discussion about some of the clubs I went to when I was in Vegas. Outside of the outrageous cover and ridiculously priced drinks, they were a lot of fun. The best part of it all may have been watching my brother-in-law get one of those smiles on his face while looking at the club's dancers.

In any case, the discussion then moved to clubs in Lincoln, which are decidedly less extravagent (fortunately the drink prices match the ambiance). I've never been to one, but a little known fact about Lincoln is that it has it's very own prominent gay bar. I've never been (although, I have been invited by a guy once - not a gay guy, though. He was in my fraternity and it was to watch a burlesque show...this isn't making me sound any less gay...I didn't go) and I don't anticipate ever going, but I used to drive by it every night on my way home from school, so I could probably get there with my eyes closed (any less gay yet?).

Why so much talk about a gay club? Well, I just got word that some guy I know just came out of the closet. It's not all that big of a surprise - we all said were serious when we said he liked the cod piece - but its just like Chris Rock said, you may know, but you don't really know until they say it. Anyway, in honor of that, I've got a bunch of videos that I've been saving for a random occasion like this, so here's a couple of them with minimal added commentary from me.

We'll start with the most ridiculous break making video you'll ever see.

Here's Electric Six's "Gay Bar." Its moderately NSFW, but its all dudes, so not really. It's not as funny as Bear Force One but its still pretty ridiculous.

Here's one last video entitled "It's OK to Be Gay." Honestly, just mute this one and watch it for the extravagant costumes. They are soooooo unbelieveable. I mean, this is one of the gayest things I have ever seen. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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