Friday, October 19, 2007

Casual Dress Friday: Lazy Post

It's a Casual Dress Friday and I have been spending the majority of my nights this week trying to find a suitable, original costume for our early Halloween party this week. I've been thinking about it too much and now I have no ideas. In any case, it has finally caught up to me and now I'm posting a follow-up post to yesterday.

You remember yesterday when Conan went off about the fire alarm? Here's the follow-up to that.

You remember yesterday when I talked about how SNL is starting to get a little funny again. Well here's an old-school Barkley skit that's way funnier than the one they did this week.

How creepy does Chris Farley seem there. I'm not sure that its very funny (mainly because it features Rob Schneider) but Charles Barkley's choke-hold makes me laugh every time (and its still funnier than anything Keenan can do).

The best part of yesterday may have been a point brought up in the comments, as to whether 30 Rock has crested The Office in funniness. I will agree that the hour long episodes and new character directions have brought them closer together, but I'm not sure which one is funnier. I'll think about it this weekend. In any case, both Shorty and I have found ourselves playing the screen saver game which The Office nailed.

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D Wheezy said...

I actually thought the Bjork chick was pretty funny. I had the opportunity to see Bjork in concert at ACL.

Although she didn't say this out loud, it was apparent that Bjork though the audience was just a bunch of skin trees.