Thursday, October 11, 2007

Throwback Thursday: Bad Rap

I've often talked about bad rap (or bad lyrics in general) and we all know that I love to show you the ridiculousness that is classic music videos, but its not often I get to bring them together. Today, I present you with Joe "King" Carrasco's "Bad Rap".

Ok, so that's not really hip-hop. Sorry about that. I have no clue what the lyrics are to that song (I was mesmerized by the dance moves) but they have got to be atrocious. Plus the title is "Bad Rap" - that's got to count for something - even if its not rap. In any case, I think there may have been some ghost riding in that video which makes it ok with me.

Who is Joe "King" Carrasco? I have no clue. This video should help explain it a little better.

Apparently, he's gone crazy or, at least, become a hobo. Does anyone know where Joe Carrasco is now? He could be pushing one of those stolen shopping carts full of junk right now. Of course, I didn't know who Joe Carrasco was before this post (and to be honest, I have no clue right now while I'm writing this), so I guess he could be a bum I drive by every day and I'd never now. Tough break for that guy.

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