Monday, October 15, 2007

Always Sunny In Phili

Hey everybody. I just got out of the coma that the Nebraska-Okie State beat down put me in. Turns out I had the 1000+ indicator on my reader...not good news. Despite all that, I tried to post a recap, but apparently I never hit the "Publish Post" button. All excuses aside, I think a 1 week recap streak is pretty awesome and also very beatable, so look for that to happen in the next few weeks.

Anyway, you may remember about
2 months ago when I included a clip from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," which I thought was pretty funny. Unfortunately, at the time I thought it was on HBO, not FX. Last week, I found out it is on FX and now it is added to my DVR subscription list. Outside of the aforementioned clip, it only took about 79 seconds to convince me this show is right up my alley.

When my boy Johnny D showed me that clip last week, it had like 100 views. Now it has over 20,000. I had to account for 500+. In fact, this post has been delayed about half-an-hour because I've been watching that Night Man video. Honestly, just watch that about 10 times and tell me you don't laugh harder each time. Fortunately, if you're scared of the Night Man coming into you, he can be fought by the Day Man.

That's not as funny as the Night Man, but still pretty funny. You can see how their live performance went here. As long as this isn't your first time reading this blog, it should be pretty obvious why this show appeals to me. Just for good measure, I'm leaving you with one last clip.

...Speaking of television, don't forget, the new PIR premiers today.

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