Thursday, October 18, 2007

Could SNL Be Coming Back?

Well, I DVR'd the PIR this week and I finally got around to watching some of it. Was there ever this much white trash on the PIR? Seriously, 95% of the audience are people that I would not want to encounter. The craziest thing about the PIR is that there's only about 15 minutes of real show. Honestly, I plowed through an entire episode in 15 minutes. They stretch it to an hour! Holy nuts. Half (or more) of the people that watch the PIR are 75+. They could use that extra 45 minutes to do other stuff. Honestly CBS, you are wasting 3 hours and 45 minutes of everyone's time each week. Your entire show is a commercial, do you really need 45 minutes of ad time? I still love you though, PIR. Please don't be mad at me. Just tell Drew to sharpen up (no one wants to ask the fancy soundboard guy if they have 3 numbers right...they want to ask the ladies. Damnit, Drew - get it right).

Speaking of shows you can plow through, I also watched my DVR'd SNL last night. Between the PIR and SNL, I got in a good hour of tv. SNL seems to be improving. There was only one skit that featured the worthless Keenan, and not many more with that chick that thinks she black. I'm sure you've seen the Punched digital short, which was pretty funny, but the two things that made me laugh the hardest were these two videos.

1) Easily the funniest thing: Making fun of Notre Dame football. Not only do I hate ND, but this also makes me feel better about Nebraska's suck-ass season and laugh at the same time. Well done, SNL.

2) The second funniest thing is when the parodied Dane Cook's MLB Playoff commercials (which are linked here and atrocious).

What is the deal with major sports executives making bad commercials for the playoffs? At least Dane Cook's are better than D-bag Blaine's. In any case, that's three funny things in one episode (along with a couple other things that made me chuckle). It looks like SNL could be starting to improve.

If SNL could become funny again, they could begin to dominate the 11:30pm-12:30am CST humor time slot 6 nights a week (instead of their usual 5), thanks to my boy Conan. If you haven't seen this clip from a couple days ago, here's where Conan goes off because a fire alarm starts ringing.


Adam said...

Maybe it was just the presence of Will Arnett, but I feel like the comedy level (and style) of 30 Rock has taken a serious step in the direction of Arrested. In fact, hear me out on this - I think 30 Rock is funnier than the Office right now.

Not exactly related to this post but a thought I present to you nonetheless.

D Wheezy said...

I'm going to have to agree with Adam. I think the 1 hour Offices are dragging a little bit. There are classic moments, don't get me wrong... but I'm absolutely loving 30 Rock.

See Adam? That second clip has Conan in it - therefore it's kinda topical.

Not that it's really a requirement.